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The Scouse Bird Collection Has Landed!

It's official! We have teamed up with Iconic Liverpool based blogger Scouse Bird Problems and are bringing you all her wit and memes into a clothing line!
The Scouse Bird Collection, gives women from sizes 8 to 28 the chance to turn heads and raise a smile with some favourite scouse bird slogans including the fabulous “I’m every Scouse Bird, it’s all in me”.
The idea to add some classic SB one liners to a new OBD range, made perfect sense to both women who share a passion to make sassy clothing available to women of all sizes.
Steph Bannister, the woman behind Scouse Bird Problems said: “Much like the slogan on the ‘I’m every Scouse Bird’ t-shirt, I like to think that my blog and my sense of humour is relatable to Scouse girls of ALL shapes and sizes and not just one type of woman. That’s what I love about ODB and how inclusive they are; usually if you’re bigger than a 14 you tend to be forgotten about by the fashion world, particularly when it comes to gym wear and I’m not about that life. I think you should have you cake, eat it, and still be able to go the gym in fun clothing that actually fits the amount of sass in your ass. I’m so proud to be working together."
We are already working on building the range with plans for plenty more this side of Christmas. Check out the collection below.
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